Have you been watching the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations? And can you imagine having a job/business where you turn up every day with your A Game?

I don’t know many people who commit to their ‘clients’ in the same way the Queen did in 1952 – and you’ll note that she repeats and renews this commitment on a regular basis. She recommitted to serving at these 70th celebrations. And she’s 96.

How many times do you get frustrated with poor service, or people not managing your expectations well?

It could be waiting in line for a drink at the bar or a table in the restaurant, it could be in a shop, anywhere.

That got me thinking about how we all show up for our clients. How consistent are we? How much do people know what to expect? And how clearly do we explain what working with us means? I think this is a great time to look at our own ‘delivery’.

Do we show up with commitment, and with passion. To our work? Or even to our DAY?


One thing I’ve personally found invaluable is starting my day right – EVERY DAY – because of that I created a TEMPLATE to help you create your own customised ‘Morning Routine’. It’s taken me years to get mine where I want it and it’s been baby steps along the way.

I now ‘claim’ my first 90 minutes of every day to myself.

I start with waking, drinking water and go through to clarifying my top 3 goals and my focus for the day. THEN I get to work. I hope that you’ll start by claiming some time for YOU, to get yourself right so that you can show up happier, better and more focussed in your business and life.

We’ve created a template so you can customise your own version and save hours! And be on your ‘A Game’, every day.

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That opening line is where attention starts.

Any good copywriter would tell you this: If there’s one place where you should focus a big chunk of your efforts when creating a new post, it’s in the opening sentence.

Write a bad opening sentence, and you’ll lose your readers in a heartbeat.

They’ll move on to the next post underneath yours. And don’t resent them for it. It’s just how social media consumers work.

Now, today I want to give you a simple way to write that opening line.

It will allow you to grab your audience by the throat and force them to spend a few more seconds on your post instead of scrolling away.

It’s quite simple.

All you have to do is start your post by stating something you have achieved and that your audience also wants.

Let me show you an example: (see attached image above)You see what I mean?

Simply stating something that you achieved “the last time” or “every time” you took a specific action, will be a good attention-grabber.

Now, that will be the case IF it’s a result that your audience also wants to have.

So, start by thinking about what you’ve achieved that your audience also wants.

It doesn’t have to be anything extraordinary. Something simple as “I booked 6 appointments” or “I found an amazing member for my team”, etc. can be of value.

And then, write your post stating your achievement right in the opening line. As simple and clear as possible.

I promise, people will pay attention.


One of our most popular downloads over the years has been ‘The 9 Points to a Powerful Personal Profile’. Yet so many have seen it, maybe even downloaded it but maybe not implemented it? Or maybe not revisited it?

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