‘No-one can do it as well as I can’.

I hear that so often from business owners and it usually means that the ‘how’ to do it (whatever ‘it’ might be) is inside their head. In other words they’re lacking a clear system or process to get it done consistently every time.

The problem here is that it’s a self-fulfilling prophecy – they’re actually right. Of course no-one can do it as well because the current system is memorised and filling up valuable ‘thinking’ space in your head. And the problem gets worse because it means you’re doomed to keep that job on YOUR task list forever. (I know, I’ve been there!)


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Or we highly recommend “Instant Systems” by Brad Sugars.


Audiences love this type of post!

Andy has been sharing a lot of different examples of how you can start your LinkedIn posts to grab your audience’s attention in his Facebook group.

And today I today I wanted to share one with you.

(see image below)

So, this one is quite easy to explain:

What Chris did was simply create a little bit of curiosity with that last sentence:

“They remember ⬇️”

By adding this sentence and using the little arrow-down emoji, he’s telling his audience to click on “see more”.

And when people click on that button, it tells LinkedIn that they are engaging with your content. This improves your reach.

Remember that last week I shared how important curiosity is, and not revealing too much too early is key to increasing interest?

Well, this is a perfect example of how to do it.

The first two lines that you write should only reveal enough so that your audience needs to read more to get all the information.

I hope you like today’s example and it inspires you for your next post.


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