Ready to use a simple one-page system to run your whole business – for the next quarter and beyond?


We help our clients build solid foundations so they can grow their businesses in the way that suits them. And we do that with our 1-page overview of all the 9 key areas of business. You can quickly score yourself in each of the 9 areas.

Our template outlines the 3 Pillars: the 9 key areas of business (Our Nine Essential Elements for Business Success`). It works for you whatever the age, shape or size/type of business you have. You’ll miss nothing, I created it because I got fed up with people making business more complicated. So you’ll find it’s transparent, which makes it quick and easy for you to review:

  • where you are,
  • what your business needs and
  • where to focus in this new quarter.

Throughout the quarter I’ll be walking you through each of the 9 boxes (plus a 10th ‘Personal’ area) to share tips and tools that work.

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Do you have tips and tricks about your industry/profession that you regularly share with your clients?

If so, use them to create your next LinkedIn post.

The twist of the post is that you put them all together in a list, just like Andreas did right here:

People really love this type of content.

Because it’s easy to consume and understand and provides a ton of value.

The secret is that you include tips and hacks that actually make your audience feel inspired or motivated.


One of our most popular downloads over the years has been ‘The 9 Points to a Powerful Personal Profile’. Yet so many have seen it, maybe even downloaded it but maybe not implemented it? Or maybe not revisited it?

Those who have implemented it, told us about the extra business they’ve won, and the right kind of enquiries that they are getting since making these really simple changes.

Want a copy? Click here: http://resources.90dayplanning.co.uk/9-Points