I often wonder why so many people take so much time to ‘reinvent the wheel’ and make life hard for themselves when they could create a simple system to save them time.

If you’re constantly creating content and hoping some of it lands, then maybe you’re working the hard way too?  

It doesn’t have to be so hard and you don’t have to work that hard.


 Let me share a tip I got from a great coach – it beautifully ties together TIME, PRODUCTIVITY and MARKETING.  Pretty good eh?  I thought so.

When I was busy constantly creating new content, one of my coaches (Leon Streete) shared with me a simpler, smarter way to market my message more consistently AND save time.  He got my attention.  I listened and implemented what he suggested.

It resulted in a simple 6 week content plan.

  • Each week consisted of our ‘posts’ – mainly on Linkedin (although other platforms work too)
  • Each week I created ONE document with ONE idea to share, promote, give away. (Yes, that means I had 6 pieces of high value content and I just focussed on ONE EACH WEEK.  I’m already feeling like a winner at that stage).
  • Each document contained up to 5 posts – we post daily – and it has a simple structure for each day.
  • The DAILY THEME made it easy to create content for that week’s giveaway/focus and gave me a clear context for posting each day.
  • Every 6 weeks I ‘rinse and repeat’ the whole process
  • Much easier, much clearer – for me and my audience.

The real big bonus of this is that instead of being busy creating content, I’m showing up more CONSISTENTLY and I’m also REFINING the content, the message and the offer each time.

Every time I look at the content with fresh eyes (you do after 6 weeks!) and then I think ‘oh I can do better than that!’ so I make some edits.  

Saves me huge amounts of time and brainpower, gives me a system I can repeat and improve each time and it works!

So if you want to find out more then I have 2 suggestions for you.

  1. follow me on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/marycollin1/ and see how it works.  You’ll see me practising what I preach.  You’ll see the rhythm.  And how much easier it is to get a clearer message across – a week at a time, a focus at a time.


  1. find out more by connecting with Leon Streete – he has a wealth of experience in helping clients save time, clean up their marketing messages and get way better results.  I’ve known him for almost 20 years and I recommend watching what he does and connecting with him.

So have you connected with me and with Leon?

We’ll pick up Marketing again in the next few weeks as we cycle round all the key areas of business.  For now focus on where you can save TIME and be more PRODUCTIVE with a system.


Today I want you to pay attention to how this creator ended his post. 

Because it’s a great way to sell without selling.  

(I’ve actually cut out most of the post so you can see what I mean):

Now, why is this last sentence a great way to sell your products/services without selling?

It actually all starts with what Alex (the author of the post) did in this post. 

Since I cut out most of the content, let me sum it up for you:

He gave a heck lot of value.

He shared very valuable ideas for anyone looking to improve their email marketing. 

It was full of details, examples, and easy-to-understand steps.

And then, he ended with that sentence that you see in the screenshot above:

This is less than 10% of what we teach inside our Email10K Mastermind. 

He basically got people hooked on the ideas he shared. By adding this sentence, he left them wanting to learn more.

If this 10% is so valuable, imagine getting the remaining 90%!

That’s what crossed his readers’ mind when looking at this post.

And that is what your readers can think as well. 

So, what is a 10% idea that you can share with them, so they will also want to get the other 90%?


One of the hardest parts of content is being consistent. Creating a plan and sticking to it is one the hardest but rewarding things when it comes to content. We’ve made it easier for! 

Create Content For Each business day of the year and never say “i didn’t know what to post” again!

And never miss a chance to communicate to your audience again…

Get you copy of the LinkedIn Content Calendar here: https://resources.90dayplanning.co.uk/content-calendar