I don’t know about you but I love an easy life.  There are so many demands on us as business owners – increasingly so with emails, social media, AI and all the changes that have become constant.  So it can be hard to find the simplicity in the middle of all of it

If you’re constantly switching your mind from one job to another and getting frustrated that it always has to be you that does it (whatever ‘it’ might be) – then there is a way out of the busy-ness to more time freedom.

I’ve been sharing this on the 5-Day GOALS & TIME FREEDOM Challenge this week so let me keep brief and give you a few quick ideas.


If a SYSTEM stands for Saving Yourself Stress, Time, Energy & Money then think of what takes up most of your time.  Is it something you can create a system for that someone else can follow and you can get it done without having to do it all yourself?

I resisted systems for years – ‘I know how to do it’, ‘I can do it better/faster than anyone else’ . . .  you might have heard yourself say that too.  

The problem is you’re dooming yourself to doing that thing forever!    

If only I’d realised THAT sooner!

With a system you can make sure nothing is missed, you can free up your time and you can get someone else doing it – to the right standard!   (Maybe even better than you’ve been doing it!)


6 simple starter words to guide you on creating a system:

  • WHO (is this for?  does it involve? etc)
  • WHEN (does it need to be done?)
  • WHERE (do you find all the resources/scripts/info to get it done?)
  • WHY (does it need to be done?)
  • WHAT (are the steps and in what order do they need to be done?)
  • HOW (will you know when it is a real ‘system’ and not a collection of notes?)

Grab a piece of paper, or your device (and open up a file) and start capturing your ideas, thoughts, steps under those headings.  They’ll help you organise your thoughts.

If there is something you’re doing repeatedly – capture the steps, stages and info as you go.


Next time that job needs doing – get your notes and follow the steps you’ve written out.

Try following your system yourself.  Is it clear?  Is it complete?  

Add anything that’s missing, restructure/reorder it if you need to, and make it clearer.

This is the adjustment phase.

Refining is where the magic lies.


Going through these steps – some of which you’ll loop back through until your system is foolproof – will mean you have a clear step by step process/system that WILL save you stress, time, energy and money.   Then you can decide whether YOU do that job or whether you get someone else to do it and you crack on with streamlining and systemising more work that someone else could do.

Every step frees you up to be the business owner you know you can be!


We’ve often asked the most junior/newest team member to write the system because if they can do it then anyone can.  That’s when you know it IS a system and you’ve just freed up more time.

And the system is how we all know that a job is being done properly, done well, and done consistently to the right standards.

Onwards and upwards to more time freedom . . . let’s go!

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You have probably heard this advice:

Create content that brings value. 

But, how do you actually do this?

Well, “value” can be created in different ways when it comes to content. 

One that I like is showing how your mind operates when trying to solve a particular problem. 

Just like Dickie did in this post right here:

So, in this very simple & short post, Dickie is sharing how he thinks when creating content. 

And by doing that, he’s teaching his audience to do the same. 

Now, you could be doing something similar with your specific topic. 

What do you think when doing something your audience wants to do also?

What process does your mind go through?

It’s not always clear, but we all have our own unique mental systems that we use. 

Think about what yours are and share them in your next post 😉


EG:  One of our most difficult things when it comes to posting regularly on LinkedIn is coming up with consistent ideas for content and what content works best for your business. 

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