Are you working too hard at what you do?  Could it be easier?

The answer is often yes.  And as business owners and leaders we know that we have to take action.  And we have to take responsibility for what we do.

Yes, we have to do it – but we don’t have to do it alone.  

How often do we lose sight of the people around us and the contributions they could be making towards our success?

This can be the ‘curse; of the business owner – especially if you feel it’s lonely and tough and it’s all down to you.


Back to people doing it with you, not for you. That’s why coaches are so focussed on getting skills and knowledge into your head and your business.  That’s a different approach to consultants who can be hired to come in and do it for you then leave.  You’re no ‘richer’ but a job got done.  You didn’t learn and grow.

So think about the people around you – there are many people who help you do what you do – whether that is your HOME TEAM or your WORK TEAM.  And your work team may be ‘invisible’ to a large extent if you’re a solopreneur.

In fact if you’re a one-(wo)man band you may not even realise what a team you have around you.  Accountants, bookkeepers, banks, financial advisers, suppliers, clients.

Some of your work team may be in house, others may be external/part time/full-time  . . . all things are possible.  

These days even AI can be part of your ‘team’!!

So make a list of who’s on your team(s) and then think of how well you work with them, how well you communicate with them and how often.

And as we are coming up to Christmas, the end of the year and the New Year – how will you review how well you’ve worked with your teams in 2023?

 What can you do differently in 2024.  

Give it some thought and make the most of those relationships.  And take a little time to show your gratitude to those who’ve helped you as you get ready for next year.

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So, I stumbled on this post by Brandon Smithwrick where he’s sharing a screenshot of how many views his 5 top-performing posts in the last 5 months got.

The number? 1,199,336 views in total. 

That’s a crazy amount of people seeing his content. 

And, for free! Zero dollars spent on it. 

So, today I don’t have a lesson for you. 

All I want is for you to see what’s possible on LinkedIn. 

Maybe that will push you to double down on your content strategy 😉

Anyway, here’s Brandon’s post:


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