3 Day Leadership Challenge

3 Day Leadership Challenge with Laura Armstrong.

It’s time to:
Challenge Yourself
Challenge Your Business
Challenge Your Leadership

2020 has been a very challenging year for everyone in every way: personally, emotionally, professionally, etc. But this doesn’t have to define where we want to be in 2021, that’s all up to you.
It’s time to take hold of your future and step into your power.

Over these three days, we will go through some fantastic training where you will learn skills, push yourself, and take a look at how to move forward in your business and your leadership.   You will have to do the work and implement the changes, but I will be right there with you, guiding you along the way.  Everyone will receive worksheets to use designed specifically for what we are covering in the challenge.

You will come out of this challenge with a clear picture of where you want to be in your business and how to overcome some of the things holding you back to make the impact you desire through your business on the world. It will be a great opportunity to get clear on what success looks like for you and the path to achieve it. I work side by side with you to make it happen!

  • Day 1
    • Identify Your Gold Medal Self
    • What if you could be the world champion of your business?
    • 5 Pillars of Identifying Your Gold Medal Self – Business Leadership, Financial Position, Personal Perspective, Organizational Outlook
    • Q & A
  • Day 2
    • Recognize Your Roadblocks
    • What’s holding you back from stepping into your greatness
    • Q & A
  • Day 3
    • Where are you Now? 
    • Taking a look at where you are now in your business & your leadership now will create the path & blueprint to where you are going as you identify your gold medal self.
    • Q & A Breakthrough Session


Next 3 Day Leadership Challenge Begins March 15th
(Choose your session – afternoon or evening)

Finally….Step into Your Power and

Embrace the Leader You Were Always Meant to Be.


Afternoon Session
(11am – 12pm EST)


Evening Session
(7pm – 8pm EST)