About Laura Armstrong​

“It is my goal to help you to embrace your inner Warrior… … and step up to the gold medal standard you can achieve!!”

Throughout my many careers, I have always tried to be a beacon of leadership to those around me.

As a 3X World Champion Martial Artist, I know what it takes to get to the pinnacle of success and create a leadership legacy that ripples out into the world both personally and professionally. My skills and experience have defined who I am what I have to offer and how I help others step into their power and greatness.

My experience and accumulated knowledge, from working in the corporate world to becoming a world championship martial artist and a communication expert have provided me the ability to effectively teach others to heal and balance their mind/body connection and to step into their greatness.

Always Create A Clear Outcome.

I remember walking in to teach this seminar with at least 150 people, mostly very large men and a few women. The looks I received before the class started said it all, everything from contempt, to laughter, that this would be two hours of wasted time.

As the class began, I would set the rules right from the start, including boundaries around training, safety, courtesy and respect. Basic things any teacher should be mentioning and I could see that I wasn’t making the impact I desired.

Whenever I encountered this kind of negative feedback, it was always best to pick a volunteer (usually one of the largest participants who was making comments) and demonstrated what we would be learning first. I was very clear and controlled about my technique, moving them to a submission or tap out position quickly, efficiently, and effectively. This brought us all to a quick understanding about who I was and what they were going to achieve in our time training together.

It would then set everyone up in the class for a success mindset.

Quickly making my mark...

I captured provincial titles in powerlifting, bodybuilding and started my martial arts journey that would last over 30 years – all of this while I worked full time, working myself up the corporate ladder.

Quickly making my mark...

I participated in competitions all over the world, eventually securing a World Championship titles, while opening my own martial arts schools and teaching my students to do the same, creating a legacy of amazing martial artists with their own world titles.

Ten years later, I wanted to see if I could do it again and….Success!!!

I pulled off two more World Championship Martial Arts Titles and then retired from participating in Competition to become the Canadian National Team Coach for many years.

While this was happening, I got interested in the healing side of things to balance out all the injuries, pains and other physical ailments from training for so many years.

I was then able to use this new knowledge to help my students. I realized that I was able to balance my energy with healing abilities against the years of wear and tear from training and the impact that had on my body getting ready for competition. A gift I would happily start to give my students.

This started to ripple out after many years of training, teaching, and helping people balance their mind, body, and spirit.

I now run a successful business that not only offers sessions in different holistic modalities but also specialized education and certification. These courses offer participants a chance to create a thriving business model where they in turn help others.

As I was creating a leadership legacy in my martial arts school and holistic practice, my personal life took a downturn. Through family tragedy, I realized that I had been traumatized as a small child. That brought up not only shock, shame, disgust, and anger at what had happened to me, but I also felt frozen – I couldn’t move – forward or back.

After a couple of years of being stuck in this limbo and not knowing what to do, I leaned on the resilience taught to me not only by my family, but my friends, students, and mentors.

I decided to step into my power and change the world, I realized I wasn’t playing big enough, and needed to do more on a global level.

I started to take a stand to help those who couldn’t help themselves.

I could have easily stayed in the victim mindset, but instead stepped forward and embraced what would be a life-changing decision. I started to take a stand to help those who couldn’t help themselves, strengthen their confidence, and transform & expand their mindset globally to shift all aspects of their lives.

As I continued to teach, foster, and use my skills as a world champion to create leaders, I started attracting those who were already successful and were looking for more – how to make more of an impact, how to bring their business to the next level, how to have all of the important things in their lives like family, happiness and abundance and really make more of a difference in others’ lives on a global scale.

I work with them to empower, connect, and monetize their business relationships more deeply.

…and lastly, expand their personal and professional growth giving them the income deserve and so much more.

I lead the pack in innovation, practical techniques and other practices that not only offer value to my clients, but focuses them on making changes with real results in less time, giving the desired outcome they are looking for.

I have a passion for helping others create the life they desire and helping them forge the path to get there. My unique and powerful perspective works with others to get them to where they want to be.

And my experience as a world champion gold medal holder in martial arts and enables me to help others to create the mindset to be successful, game-changing, and to bring themselves to the next level of greatness!!


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