Gold Medal Leadership

Discover Your Confidence and Develop Leadership Skills Through Proven Methods

Gold Medal Leadership

with Laura Armstrong

An Online Program with Measurable Results That Will Move You Forward Right Now!

Do You Need to Develop Your Leadership Talents and Build Your Foundation?

Whether you are just starting to embrace your leadership or you are an experienced leader who may have hit the glass ceiling and things are a bit stagnant. Our Gold Medal leadership program takes you through a journey to identify what’s holding you back and give you the tools to embrace and seize your leadership propelling you forward to success and prosperity. Our 6 signature crafted modules allow for an immersive experience like no other!!

You get to tap into what I know after 30 years of leadership and let me help you grow and thrive with the techniques, tips and tools I used to be successful. I’ll help you avoid those pitfalls and teach you to leverage your strengths to not only save yourself time and money, but put that money back into your bank account!

Create Your Leadership Now!

Our informative and educational modules allow you to work at your own pace and create your path to extraordinary leadership. At the end of this course, you will feel confident and have more clarity not only on moving forward in your leadership but be able to drive your businesses to the next level by strengthening your confidence in the sales and relationship process, transforming & expanding your money mindset, empowering you to connect and deepen your business relationships and expanding your personal and professional growth to give you the Gold Medal income you deserve.

Here is the crafted program to give you everything you need – the resources, guides, support, tools, and templates – to become the successful leader and business expert you have always imagined.




What does leadership mean to you?

Identify Your Gold Medal Self

If You Could be the World Champion of your business what would that look like? We cover the four pillars of what to have in place to identify and envision where you will be when you are at the top of your game.

Where Are You Now?

Lets’ Evaluate Where You Currently Are In Your Business using those same four pillars. We can measure where you are in each pillar and start to create a clear path to leadership and your success. Let;s explore the ways to make sure you are thriving not just surviving!!

Removing Road Blocks

What is holding you back the most from succeeding and showing up in your life right now? Let’s take a look, recognize and identify what may be getting in your way that is stopping you from moving forward. We’ll work on strategies to help you move past things that are getting you stuck.

World Championship Mindset

We’ll go over the three crucial things to create a World Championship Mindset. Get you focused on a success mindset and the tangible steps you need to take to attain that as well as identify other mindsets that you may currently be embracing.

Championship Tool Box

There are so many tools available to us to keep us focused, on track, evolving and building our leadership. I wanted to focus on creating a tool box that was well rounded, easy-to use and implement. We will be focusing on the 4 main categories of tools that will get you the best results to move forward in your business and your leadership.

Turning It All To Gold

Ready to turn it all into Gold? Good – it’s time to take action and follow the plan that will bring success to you and your business. This takes work, but if you follow this Success Plan, you WILL succeed!!

We cover the 6 Steps to Success, and when you put them into action, you will see the results that show up in your leadership, your business, and add to your bottom line!

Two Ways To Enroll

2 Payments of $299

Full Payment of $497

Plus These Valuable Bonuses​


  • Top 10 Best Communication Techniques (Value: $197)
  • 5 Most Popular Crazy Tools To Explode Your Life (Value: $197)
  • 3 Top Tips to a World Championship Mindset (Value: $197)

Fast Action Bonuses


  • Lifetime Access to Training & Materials (Value: $1,997)
  • 3 Months of Unlimited Email Support (Value: $1,997)
  • Lifetime Access to Private Community (Value: Priceless)

Total Value: $5,582​

ONLY: $497​

Two Ways To Enroll

2 Payments of $299

Full Payment of $497

Rave Reviews From Our Clients​

Kara-Lynn Palmer

“When she spoke and shared her amazing knowledge, it inspired me to get to know her and what she had to offer. So here we are today and I have completed her mind blowing ‘Gold Medal Leadership program'”.

Terry Randle

“The Gold Medal Leadership program so far has proven to be worth far more in terms of time invested/improved results. Laura is by far one of the best mentors I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Lisa Booth

“I would suggest Laura’s program for anyone that is looking to identify their obstacles and meet their challenges head on.”

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