Leadership Warrior

This program is for next-level achievers and leaders that want to re-invent, and refocus while expanding your business.

Are You Ready To Become a Leadership Warrior and Finally Embrace Your Power?

This comprehensive, step-by-step program gives you everything you need – the tools, templates, systems, resources, guidance, and support – to quickly step into your leadership and speed you on your way to becoming a World Champion Leader.


Monthly Meetings and a Q&A Coaching Call are going to help you Stay On Track and Get the Results You are Looking for!

Partner with me as we move on your journey of leadership with online monthly sessions (a $12,000 value) and the full LeadershipWarriors training.

With my 30 years of experience as a Leadership Accelerator and Communication Expert, I will coach, guide, and mentor you to fast-track your results for success.

This complete system takes you through the entire process you need to build your Leadership. You will learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls that hold people back and make them feel stuck in their business and leadership. You will build your brand and create a master plan to get really focused on what you have to offer, how to lead, and how to inspire other people, to become the influential leader you have always wanted.

Included in all of that, you will have me holding you accountable, every step of the way, keeping you motivated and working on your action plan to extraordinary leadership.

Haven’t you wasted enough time and money on programs, webinars and trainings that go nowhere? Working with me you will feel engaged, mentored, guided and completely focused as we work together to reach your leadership goals.

I’ve Included 12 Core Mastery Training to Shift Your Leadership Into High Gear.

Establish Yourself as a Leader Among Leaders Creating Impact And Influence in the World!

Finally….Step into Your Power and Embrace the Leader You Were Always Meant to Be!

Three Ways To Enroll

12 Months of $599/month

3 Months of $1,997

One Payment of $4,997

Leadership Warriors is based on the four pillars of Mastery to help you reach Your Leadership Goals

Leadership Mastery

Communication Mastery

Success Mastery

Impactful Mastery

And within each of those pillars are 3 core training programs to help you with each of those goals.

Pillar 1

Leadership Mastery

Step 1 – Map Out Your Leadership
Let’s work through the steps of where you are now and where you want to be in your leadership and create a plan that will get you realistic results for you to hit your leadership goals.

Step 2 – Trailblazing The Path
What makes you special? What do you do that is disruptive in your business and leadership? How can we apply this to make you the catalyst to create leadership that is outstanding and inspiring? We work together to forge new and exciting paths and use cutting-edge techniques and tools to get you there!

Step 3 – Thoughtful Leadership
Sometimes we are thrust on the path to leadership – sometimes we are looking to step into it. There are key traits that exceptional leaders exhibit. Not only will we cover what they are but why they are important as everyday practices to inspire others to lead.

Pillar 2

Communication Mastery

Step 1 – Three S’s of Communication
We will explore the Secret, the Science, and the System to communication mastery using a cutting-edge, revolutionary personality coding methodology.

Step 2 -The Four Codes
In this deep dive on the four different personality codes, you will learn the values and tips and tricks to communicate with others in every situation. As leader’s excellent communication skills are essential and recognizing this in others will allow you to create your business and leadership with collaborative partners who will follow you anywhere because you have become their trusted advisor.

Step 3 -Essential Communication Skills
By speaking to people’s values in their personality code, you will learn the triggers (things they like) and the tripwires of how to communicate with them. We will go over likes, dislikes, and how to integrate all of this into your leadership for maximum effectiveness.

Pillar 3

Success Mastery

Step 1 – Shifting to a Success Mindset
How do you view your business? What gets’s you moving every day? How do you set the tone for the day, month, year, your goals? All of this centers around our mindset. We dive deep into where you need to shift your points of view to create more abundance and prosperity in both your life and your leadership.

Step 2 – Tool for Change
We will work together to take a look at what’s working for you now and change what’s not – you only want to be working towards your goals not feeling stagnated. To really excel in your business I will teach you how to create, recognize and implement tools for change and abundance that will assist in catapulting your leadership

Step 3 – Daily Success Habits
In this module, we will take a look a how you can implement easy and effective daily habits not only to get you feeling like a million bucks but also how to create a new normal, when applied, will have you easily stepping into your power and your leadership.

Pillar 4

Impactful Mastery

Step 1 – How to Lead Leaders
This is where you will start to create a legacy of leadership. We will go through how to foster, coach and guide your tribe, helping them take hold of their leadership and creating a plan for their success.

Step 2 – How to Keep Your tribe Engaged
Have you ever had leaders who eventually just left because there was nothing to keep them there? In this training, you will learn how to keep your tribe engaged, excited, and moving forward. Re-assessing goals and the path to success with tangible action steps for them to follow is as key as having you partner with them along the way!

Step 3 – Take Your Business Global
What does Global leadership mean to you? We will look at the different ways to not only expand your leadership and business geographically but personally and professionally as well. Working with you to get really focused on how you want to expand your business, who you want to expand, and be involved with, and making sure that your why and your goals align with that mission.

These Focused principles that will not only apply to your business and leadership but to everyday life as well. Once you move and grow out of your current circle to the next level, you will take these with you and apply them to create more for your business.

I believe in walking the walk and talking the talk, so know that I have been there and I want to become the best version of yourself

Best Of All

  • You Can Work At Your Own Pace
  • Apply What You Learn to See Real Results Immediately
  • Feel Confident and Embrace Your Leadership Comfortably
  • Lifetime Access to All Trainings Materials, Guides, and Tools, So as you Evolve, Use them Time and Again to Reinvent Yourself.

Once you register and enroll in the program you will gain immediate access to your bonuses and the schedule as well as any recordings previously on the membership site. If at any time during the first 30 days, you feel like the content and topics won’t be worth your time, then drop out and the free ticket to my live training event is yours to keep just for your time and effort.

  • You will have every single one of those courses to implement and apply to your business and your leadership……forever.
  • So no matter what stage of the journey you are at in your leadership, you have a step-by-step program for growth, you can apply over and over again with tangible results.

Get a Lifetime Bonus Included: When the 1-year coaching program portion is completed, you’ll continue to gain access to ALL of our training courses for LIFE!

And when you Sign up today, you get these 4 bonuses for free.​

Bonus 1

Leadership Strategy Session

$997 Value

Get an in-depth dive into where you are in your business, where you want to be, and what is important to you to make sure you are on track for success. I will spend time making sure you are focusing on the right things for your business and strategize on how to capitalize on how to make it happen for you.

Bonus 2

Worksheets & Guides

$1997 Value

In every lesson, you get a full worksheet and guide for you to fill in, which will lead to filling in the gaps that may be missing and creating a more fulsome leadership picture for you to move forward with. These are designed to make you think and move forward and can be used over and over for repeated planning and success.

Bonus 3

My Private Community

$20,000 Value

You will receive lifetime access to my private client community where not only will you be able to meet outstanding people who support, promote, and encourage you, but I am there all the time providing advice, insights, and answering questions.

Bonus 4

A Day with Laura

$1997 Value

There is nothing like live training – the people, the energy, and the amazing training you will receive in this one-day event with me. Imagine having a clear path to leadership that you can implement in a step by step process. This day of training will not only contribute to your online Leadership training, but you will be able to implement additional ideas, exercises, and information into what you have already learned! This not to be missed event will catapult your leadership to the next level while giving you the opportunity to network with your peers and invest in yourself – you’re worth it!

Commit to just a few hours a month and change your life. This could skyrocket your business and bring your Leadership skills to the next level!

Aren’t you worth it? You have been looking for a program like this, that will give you the help you need, the answers you seek and clarity on the path forward to have effective, powerful leadership that brands you as the “go-to” person that people look to.

Certainly what you have, is something the world needs! Make it easy for others to follow and be a part of your tribe, by building relationships, where they know, like and trust you to rapidly accelerate your business and your leadership.

Be the Change You want to See in The World, open the door of new Opportunities and Step on the Path to Growth, Opportunity and Global Leadership – the only thing holding you back is you – don’t let that stop you – Rise To the Top and Launch, Leverage and Grow your Leadership!

Here’s to your continued awesomeness!!

Laura Armstrong

Three Ways To Enroll

12 Months of $599/month

3 Months of $1,997/month

One Off Payment of $4,997

Rave Reviews From Our Clients​

Kara-Lynn Palmer

“When she spoke and shared her amazing knowledge, it inspired me to get to know her and what she had to offer. So here we are today and I have completed her mind blowing ‘Gold Medal Leadership program'”.

Terry Randle

“The Gold Medal Leadership program so far has proven to be worth far more in terms of time invested/improved results. Laura is by far one of the best mentors I have had the pleasure to work with.”

Lisa Booth

“I would suggest Laura’s program for anyone that is looking to identify their obstacles and meet their challenges head on.”

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