During the program, Laura had one focus, and we met the mark.  Laura’s goal is to help other entrepreneurs share their experiences and drive their businesses to the next level.  We shared ideas, talked them through.

Through Laura I learned how to establish a plan to further drive my business.

Laura held weekly online meetings and Laura would address the participants mindset and actions, things that we needed to consider to help expand our businesses by setting out clear and concise steps to create a strategic direction.

I would suggest Laura’s program for anyone that is looking to identify their obstacles and meet their challenges head on.



“when I began the GML program I knew that my business focus needed a boost, but I didn’t realize how much working Laura would truly take me to the next level.

Her professional and personable approach allowed everyone in the course to gain much insight and Laura provided a ton of amazing value that I’m still using daily. 

There can be much skepticism when choosing an online program to invest in but I can honestly say if you want growth, wisdom, tools and clarity then Leadership with Laura will be your best decision”

Sonya Biehn

Video testimonials.

Lisa Booth

Terry Randle

Kara-Lynn Palmer

Sonia Biehn