“It is my goal to help you to embrace your inner Warrior… … and step up to the gold medal standard you can achieve!!”

Here is the crafted program to give you everything you need – the resources, guides, support, tools, and templates – to become the successful leader and business expert you have always imagined.

Programs & Topics

3 Easy Steps to a World Champion Mindset

Let me take you on the journey to creating a World Champion Mindset. I will give you my top three strategies to creating and sustaining a Success mindset

4 Pillars of a Thought Leadership

I will cover the 4 Pillars that are key to being a Thought Leader who is sought after for not only their skills but their influence and impact

7 Steps to a Powerful Engaged Team

Join me as I show you the 7 Steps to a Powerful Engaged Team where your team can continue to grow and expand their skills and leadership

5 Steps to Effective Leadership

Learn the 5 Easy Steps to Effective Leadership, I will reveal the secrets of how to achieve leadership mastery and remove the mystery about how to achieve successful leadership global impact!

Dealing with Difficult Clients

I will reveal the top 4 strategies to get you clients on your side, loving to deal with you again, and who look forward to having a preferred business relationship with you.

Additional Topics Include

How to Step Into Your Leadership

The No Excuse Path to Success!

BANKCODE – Increase Your Sales up to 300%

How To Keep Your Tribe Engaged

Thought Leadership for CEOs

Effective Leadership Communication Styles

International Speaker

Leadership Accelerator and Communication Expert

Turning Leaders into World Champions

As a 3X World Champion Martial Artist, I know what it takes to get to the pinnacle of success and create a leadership legacy that ripples out into the world both personally and professionally. My skills and experience have defined who I am what I have to offer and how I help others to step into their power and greatness.

My experience and accumulated knowledge, from working in the corporate world, to becoming a world championship martial artist, and later a communication expert, have provided me the ability to effectively teach others to heal and balance their mind/body connection and to step into their greatness.

Laura's Accomplishments

  • 3X World Champion Martial Artist
  • 1st Place Provincial Powerlifting Champion
  • Coach and Leader for the Canadian Martial Arts National Team
  • Lectured in over 15 countries around the world
  • President of WEKAF and OAF Federations
  • Board Member on AWMAI and NWMAF
  • Spoke on Leadership at National and International Events in over 10 countries
  • Featured on CTV Breakfast Television
  • Featured 20 minute spot on BellFibe TV’s Warrior Women Series
  • Trusted local television resource and interviews

“I would highly recommend Laura as a keynote for your event, she will definitely leave you with a renewed sense of purpose and a clear understanding of how to communicate better and create more income in your business by speaking to the values that are important to your clients!!”

Domingo Silvas
8 Figure Growth Authority, Scale8Up

My Latest Book Release

Leadership is such a huge topic right now as we need great leaders to steer the narrow paths that covid has created.

Heartfelt Habits stems from emotional intelligence and is  the secret weapon for  empathy, teamwork, synergy, persuasion, influence, change, agility, coaching, training, creativity, relationships, and so much more.

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Here’s to your continued awesomeness!!

Laura Armstrong

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