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“It is my goal to help you to embrace your inner Warrior…… and step up to the gold medal standard you can achieve!!”​

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Tamiah Johnston - 3 Day LC

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Tamiah Johnston - GML

Terry Randle

During the program, Laura had one focus, and we met the mark. Laura’s goal is to help other entrepreneurs share their experiences and drive their businesses to the next level. We shared ideas, talked them through.

Through Laura I learned how to establish a plan to further drive my business. Laura held weekly online meetings and Laura would address the participants mindset and actions, things that we needed to consider to help expand our businesses by setting out clear and concise steps to create a strategic direction.

I would suggest Laura’s program for anyone that is looking to identify their obstacles and meet their challenges head on.

Lisa Booth

When I began the GML program I knew that my business focus needed a boost, but I didn’t realize how much working Laura would truly take me to the next level.

Her professional and personable approach allowed everyone in the course to gain much insight and Laura provided a ton of amazing value that I’m still using daily.

There can be much skepticism when choosing an online program to invest in but I can honestly say if you want growth, wisdom, tools and clarity then Leadership with Laura will be your best decision.

Sonya Biehn

Laura’s 3 Day Challenge was absolutely amazing! This program was clear, concise and gave me information in a way that I was able to easily comprehend and implement.

I gained clarity within my biz and was able to fire forward with the info! Laura opened my eyes to multiple streams of income that I knew about but didn’t fully grasp. She broke it down into simple terms that made them achievable and clear.

My Mission & Vision became very clear! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, energy and awesomeness with me Laura! I LOVED this program and the 12 week session that followed!!

Tamiah Johnston

Laura and I met at a mutual business event. I didn’t know her prior to that day. When she spoke and shared her amazing knowledge, it inspired me to get to know her and what she had to offer. So here we are today and I have completed her mind blowing “Gold Medal Leadership program.”

The knowledge gained is helpful in business and personal life. The course itself was very organized with an outlined schedule, weekly training sheets, Q&A sessions, and support outside of our meetings. Laura is a kind, friendly, knowledgeable individual helping others to reach their goals and best potential.

It was a definite pleasure to meet Laura, complete her course and now implement my Leadership knowledge to the next level in my business.

Tamiah Johnston

I have known Laura for sometime through various endeavour and have become one of her biggest fans and someone I trust wholeheartedly as a Business Coach/Advisor/Mentor and friend.

The Gold Medal Leadership program so far has proven to be worth far more in terms of time invested/improved results. She is decisive, straight to the point and provides a platform for true engagement between participants and one on one. Laura is by far one of the best mentors I have had the pleasure to work with.

The Gold Medal Leadership Program has provided me so much clarity on how I will move forward in my own business, by providing tools that helped to further define my mission statement, vision, key customers and my own unique value
I would not hesitate to recommend Laura Armstrong or any of her programs.

Terry Randle

Laura Armstrong’s ‘Three day Leadership Challenge’ is an amazing power packed boost at any stage of business.

It makes you analyze your mindset, your business goals, it makes you think where you are and what areas you need to work on to achieve your goals. I personally recommend it to everyone.

Vibha Malhotra